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Conquer self-doubt and build a life rooted in foundational
Christ-Centered confidence

A workshop designed for YOU to

to finally discover and walk confidently

in YOUR calling for Christ


Overcome past hurts, reclaim trust in yourself, and your relationships, and gain real confidence


IDENTIFY CONFIDENCE KILLERS and Recognize toxic patterns and confront generational toxicity


Build healthier relationships with effective communication and conflict resolution.

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Ashley Henriott

Confidence Coach    Podcaster
Author    Speaker    Tiktok Star

Ashley draws from years of hard-won experience to help women identify the foundational lies that hold them back, replace those lies with truth, and build the confidence they need to live a life that’s authentic, real, and fulfilling. Ashley Henriott, founder of The Confidence Connection Workshop, knows firsthand the struggles that come with low self-esteem. After years of searching for the right tools and techniques to boost her confidence, she decided to create her own workshop, tailor-made to help others struggling with the same issues. Our workshop combines the latest research in cognitive-behavioral therapy with community support and encouragement, to help you achieve the confidence you deserve.

The Confidence Connection Workshop hosted by...

Image by Joshua Rawson-Harris

This Workshop Is For YOU If...

Feeling guilty or burdensome that doesn't allow you to be your full self or ask for help

What YOU Will Gain
From This Workshop

This virtual workshop is designed to help you overcome caring so much about what everyone thinks and embracing God's view of you!



Practical Tips

This virtual workshop is designed to Reconnect with your passions, purpose, and sources of joy to create a life filled with meaning and fulfillment.



Identifying confidence killers and overcoming the paralyzing fear of what everyone thinks of you. Create boundaries to have healthier relationships and start truly living content and confidence in every aspect of your life. 


For Success

Once you apply these tools to your life you'll finally see clearly the laid-out path towards your specific calling God has on your life and be able to live a life fulfilled, have real joy and peace, and live confidently in Christ! 


Build A Solid Foundation

  •  overcome self-hatred, self-doubt, and past hurts, and see themselves the way God does.

  •  Identify confidence killers, unpack lies, and start to replace them with foundational truths.

Establish Daily Dependence

  •  Restructure in a simple and practical to bring Christ into everyday moments.

  •  learn to love yourself as God does and start walking in your true self-worth.

Define Confidence

  •  Self-Acceptance: Embracing oneself with all strengths and weaknesses, fostering self-love.

  •  Competence: Recognizing and appreciating one's skills, talents, and achievements.

Practical Exercises

  •  Time Management: Defining clear boundaries around personal time, work, and family to manage and balance responsibilities.

  •  Saying 'No': Building the ability to say 'no' confidently without guilt or fear of judgment.

Ditching The Self-Doubt

  •  Spiritual Wounds: Recovering from church hurts or spiritual wounds that impact one's relationship with God.

  • Trauma: Healing from past traumatic experiences that might affect one's mental and emotional well-being.

Confidence Applied

  • Overcome the lingering pain of past hurts, transform toxic relationship patterns, and build genuine connections

  • Gain practical skills to navigate trust issues, communicate effectively, and foster personal and spiritual growth.

  • FREE Ebook: 5 Days To A More Confident You!


Register now and be entered into a GIVEAWAY:

  • Confidence and coffee on Ashley: a gift card to your favorite coffee shop

  • Access to Ashley: Win a live 30-minute confidence coaching call with Ashley. Get personalized advice, answers to your questions, practical tips, and guidance to step confidently into your purpose.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the financial and time investment?

This workshop is a 1-hour LIVE Webinar. We believe accountability, commitment, and perseverance are a big part of living confidently. We don't want to sell you something that won't bring transformation to your life.


This workshop, valued at $112, is available to you for FREE!

What's included?

Webinar with access to a live chat during the 1-hour workshop.

A private community with other like-minded women.

A worksheet with prompts and tips to apply Ashley's coaching to your life.

What happens after the workshop?

You walk away with practical tools and exercises in confidence building!

With the ability to:

  • Be ready to step boldly into the calling God has placed on your life

  • Conquer self-doubt

  • Identify the confidence killers that have kept you back from your calling

  • Silence the lies that have been holding you back

  • Ditch that people-pleasing habit

  • Establish healthy boundaries to take into your relationships

  • Inspire women just like you


Ashley's gift to you:

  • The 5 Days To A More Confident You Ebook for FREE!

  • When registering for the confidence connection workshop, you will be entered into a GIVEAWAY for:

    • Confidence and coffee on Ashley - a gift card to your favorite coffee shop

    • Access to Ashley - you get the opportunity for a live 30-minute confidence coaching call with Ashley herself. A chance to ask all your burning questions, a personal assessment, learn how to apply what you've learned, and receive guidance in setting your goals to walk with clarity into your calling.

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Look what others who attended the Workshop are saying...

I am a SAHM of three boys (4 if you include my husband) and one dog. I am a certified biblical counselor and counsel women who have had abortions. I love knitting and crocheting to relieve anxiety and depression. I joined Ashley's webinar and it helped me so much I had to join The inner circle! It has honestly been helping me heal my inner child. I was called ugly and told I wasn’t wanted or needed and here I know I have purpose. God is so good!
- Amanda 
"Before joining this workshop, I was overwhelmed by life's demands and constantly questioning my choices. Ashley's coaching through the webinar and now Inner Circle has been a lifeline. Through her Christ-centered approach, I've learned to silence self-doubt and embrace my worth. I'm now living a life of purpose and confidence, thanks to Ashley's guidance.""
- Olivia 
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