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Important information about registration for the
Confidence Connection 2-Hour Workshop.

Read the following details carefully to attend the workshop.

What You Can Expect

  • This is an implementation-based workshop

  • Very little - if any - hype or fluff in this workshop

  • Mainly coaching

  • Group sessions

The Goal Is Results

  • We love hearing how this workshop has impacted your life

  • When you get results without heavy investment, we hope you stick around

  • You'll know how to identify what's holding you back

  • Move forward in God's calling 

  • Feel more confident in who you are in Jesus

  • If attending, you need to be serious about showing up both days

After The Workshop

  • Receive an exclusive discount code to join Ashley's Inner Circle coaching community

  • When registering for the confidence connection workshop, you will be entered into a GIVEAWAY for:

    • Confidence and coffee on Ashley - a giftcard to your favorite coffee shop

    • Access to Ashley - you get the opportunity for a live 30-minute confidence coaching call with Ashley herself. A chance to ask all your burning questions, a personal assessment, and guidance for goal setting so you can start connecting the tools you gain from the webinar to finally walk with clarity into your calling.

Confidence Connection Virtual Workshop
Confidence Connection Virtual Workshop
Oct 17, 10:15 AM – 12:45 PM EDT


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