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You will gain the confidence


to  embrace  the real you, not be afraid to take risks, get outside your comfort zone and confidently live in your calling for Christ!

There's Hope.

If you know anything about my story, you know I believe everyone deserves to enjoy a life of confidence, hope and value...

You might believe the same thing – and even say it out loud – but are you actually experiencing confidence, hope, and value in your own life?   

It’s easy to believe in big dreams for other people, but believing in yourself can be difficult.

You want to live out your calling, you to grow on your walk with Christ


You’ve read your Bible you’ve gone to church but for some reason, you just haven’t been able to actually be bold enough to step out as Revelation 10:11 says; You must prophesy again about many peoples, nations, languages, and kings.”


You have a desire in your heart to live this confidently but just don’t know how or what could hold you back. That’s why you’re here and I’m here to tell you there’s hope! 



 What is confidence? How do we actually live this thing out? How do we truly live confidently in every area of our lives? From relationships to our finances. We will focus on central areas of our lives by using practical tools I provide and an accountability plan including boundaries, healthy communication practice, and creating a routine to gain more self-control of your emotions, old thought patterns, and discipline to read the word regularly and apply it to your life.


What is it that he’s calling us to do and how are we building the kingdom and kicking the devil's butt! This is my favorite part of all! We will be doing exercises, and stepping out in our newfound confidence to claim our calling and actually start doing something about it reaching our God-given calling despite circumstances or what anyone ever said about us! 


You know the source, and you have confidence now its time to set out boldly in the work God has called you and show that you can glorify Jesus in your business as an entrepreneur, start showing up online, get bold, and connect better with your family. It's time for Jesus to shine and be glorified living fully in his favor and joy now! 

Here's how...

The Inner Circle of Confidence and Coffee
is designed to take you through 8 weeks of focusing on three main areas to help you gain clarity. 

Do any of these
phrases sound like you?

  • You’ve experienced a difficult setback or circumstance, and you don’t know how to move forward.

  • You often look in the mirror and think, “I’ll never be [good, smart, pretty, influential]  enough…” 

  • When you think about the future, you are afraid to get your hopes up.

  • You know you need help, but you don’t know who to turn to. It’s hard to be real with other people.

  • You know the steps you need to take to get your life on track, but you need accountability, encouragement (and maybe a little tough love, too?)

  • Your life seemed to be going well, but then an old trigger, habit or situation came up out of nowhere and derailed you.  You’re not sure how to move past it.


I Can Help.

As a Life Coach, I draw from years of hard-won experience to help women identify the foundational lies that hold them back, replace those lies with truth, and build the confidence they need to live a life that’s authentic, real, and fulfilling.


As a Coaching Client, you get mentoring calls, an accountability plan, and practical, unfiltered advice to tackle your toughest challenges.  Unlike other Life Coaches, I don't just sit around and ask you questions, talk in circles or simply cheerlead. I work with you, mentor you, and serve as your secret weapon for living a life of confidence.


Join The Inner Circle of Confidence and Coffee
With Ashley...  

Let's create the life that you always desired, A life of excitement, fulfillment, and confidence! You came here because you already know it's time to kick the butt of people-pleasing, self-doubt, insecurity, and FEAR! 

Want To Know How?

Here's what you get access to

  • 8 weeks of community coaching

We are going over a topic each week to help identify those confidence killers that are keeping you from your calling.

We will protect the confidence you gain, and the success you will have in your confidence by also gaining tools to walk in this in your daily life. To keep the motivation up to have better relationships, create boundaries, new mindsets, and more practical discipline to keep you striving in the struggle and be truly successful in everything God has called you! 


  • Access to Ashley's Confidence and Coffee Club! 

This is a place where you get daily devotional time with Ashley, access to communicating with the other group, audio messages from Ashley, weekly devotionals, and Bible verses that are broken down all through Telegram!

  • Coffee and Conversations Call!

Sit-in access to new weekly training sessions with Ashley both recorded and live. 

  • After Hours Support

You will have access to telegram so we can celebrate you, voice messages, and voice access through voxer and telegram. If emergency you can message me personally through telegram and we can hop on a call.  

 Plus you will access to the confidence and coffee Facebook group

  • Access for 2 Coffee Confidence and Content Retreats! 

Enjoy 2 days and 1 night with me to celebrate you! Let's put all your skills to work now having fun with me making content! Not only are we drinking wine, laughing together, and going viral on tiktok but I will also be teaching you how to be confident on camera, answering all the itching questions you have been waiting to ask me all while relaxing by the beach or hanging at the vineyard in the mountains! 


Working on Laptop

What Clients Say...

"Ashley and I had a connection in our very first discussion. She challenges my thinking, yet is encouraging and supportive. She sees far more about me than I see in myself. In just 3 months, I have made serious progress on my journey of discovering who I truly am." – Karalee
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