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Has a voice in your head ever told you that you’re not enough? Maybe it’s said the opposite: that you’re too much. Or perhaps you’ve heard both messages at different times in your life. Either way, in those moments you probably felt like something was wrong with you.
And why wouldn’t you? Media and cultural messages constantly tell women that we must be different than we are to be considered valuable or even acceptable: more of this and less of that. But here’s great news: All of that is a lie, and you are not alone in your struggles.

Discover a deep, one-of-a-kind confidence that’s rooted in your relationship with Jesus through inspirational stories, insights, and strategies from podcaster and confidence coach Ashley Henriott.

Ashley knows what it’s like to be identified by the opinions of others and to live a life dictated by what they thought of her. However, her determination
to break free
from those shackles led her to a profound realization: True confidence is an inside job that begins with a woman embracing her own uniqueness and worthiness.

Through inspirational stories and her trademark humor, Ashley teaches about three confidence killers - fear, inaction, and comparison - that keep women from stepping into their true potential. Better still, she presents simple and practical strategies you can use to defeat these negative forces, embrace the beauty of who you are today, and live the fulfilling and confident life you desire.

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Ashley is an author, speaker, podcaster, trauma informed mentor, and founder of "The Inner Circle," a coaching, mentorship, and community to help you take your next and best steps.

Ashley draws from years of hard-won experience to help women identify the foundational lies that hold them back.

Growing up, Ashley faced a childhood filled with trauma. From a father who abandoned her to a mother consumed by addiction,  she endured verbal, sexual, and mental abuse from friends, and a toxic environment constantly surrounded her. Confidence, worth, and a sense of belonging seemed like distant dreams.

Ashley spent years searching for the right tools and techniques to boost her confidence, she decided to create her own technique tailor-made to help others struggling with the same issues.

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