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Claim Your Free Guest Pass To Attend
The Inner Circle of Confidence and Coffee

In order to access your Guest Pass. you must first Schedule your “Connect to the Community Interview” to see if you're a good fit for the group. This is NOT a sales call. It’s a 15-minute interview to see if we’re a good fit for each other.


The Next Step is to Schedule
a “Connection Call”

Before letting you attend the training, I want to do two things.

First, I want to get to know you better and make sure the content’s going to be relevant to you.

While I do offer this invitation to many, I don’t allow everyone to join.

I like to keep my community as high-level as possible and I only allow Christian women with the right heart, mindset, and intentions to attend.

That’s why I’d like to get to know you better and make sure you’re a fit.

Second, I want to learn about your goals and current problems so I can have you sit in on the session that’s going to be most valuable to you.

Once I’ve determined that you’d be a good fit, I also want to make sure that this experience is going to be the most valuable for you.

That’s why I want to learn about your current situation so I can have you join us on the session that would be best suited for you. 

This is NOT a Sales Call

Let me be clear on this:


This call you’re about to schedule is NOT a sales call.

This call is purely an interview to get to know you as a person and get to know your goals and interests to see if they align with the content we teach and the community we have created.

Before making any kind of offer to you, I’d like to allow you to experience the mastermind for yourself.

And even after that, I’ll only make you an offer if you tell me you want to join.

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