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When you see the team. Not just the player.

You can win the game.

We do life really well together. I truly believe he's one of kind made just for me. ⁣

When I desired s husband I couldn’t fathom the blessing he was going to be to the kids and I. I love the way he loves me, I love how he loves our boys and loves our little girl. ⁣

God didn’t just bless me with an amazing team player to rock this family with and do kingdom work but he is showing the next generation of men what it means to be a good man.⁣

He’s showing the next generation of women what to look for in a husband and that good honest men truly exist. ⁣

Ladies good men exist don’t settle. Your God's princess and he’s got your prince.⁣

He had a plan baby. He made a way for us and now he’s using us to make a way for others. Thank you for saying yes to me. To a calling on your life and absolutely everything you do for this family. ⁣

If you have a good man it’s okay to say so. Life for Doug and I have been far from perfect. We brought some baggage in our marriage. We thought at a time we weren’t going to make it and we are still working out some kinks. We keep going. ⁣

What drives us to do that? Vulnerability. Our love for God and realizing our marriage isn’t just about us. It affects other people because God has a plan. God has a plan sister. Keep believing and falling in love with Jesus first. ⁣

If you have a good spouse tag them below and tell them and the world

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