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Laugh at the chaos and take time to breath

Decided to get out of the house and out on the water. ⁣🌊

If you're new to following me you should know that I have the pleasure of living on a beautiful little island. We don’t have a target, chic fil la, or a Starbucks close by, but we do have saltwater all around us and honestly, that makes everything better! ⁣

Over the past few days, we've had to make some tough decisions as a family. With everything going on in the world we decided to break some rules, and take the boat out on a Tuesday. We beached the boat and parked our behinds on an island for some relaxation. Spending some quality time with our kids and truly finding joy in the things we can sometimes take for granted. ⁣

Today was a great reminder of how blessed we are as a family. Even after the yelling, the rushing out the door, the garage door malfunction, and locking the keys in my car we still pushed through. ⁣

I say today that the minor chaos that my life can bring is totally worth it! ⁣

We all escape the world around us in our own way. For you, it might not be on a boat or on the water but whatever way you escape, turn things off for a while! I encourage you to take the time and enjoy a little bit of the chaos with those around you. ⁣

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