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Is this the new normal.

My friend made this face mask and when we were talking over the design of it I saw the tie-dye and my first thought was “hello trendy” and second “way cute!” But my third thought? That was the one that took over, our conversation, the fact that we were spending this time talking about face masks like the everyday normal accessory it had become.⁣

Taking a step back and thinking about our conversation it was mind boggling to me. You see we weren’t talking about a shirt or outfit, we were having a legit conversation on the design of a face mask. A face mask, now needed to go to the grocery store or take a stroll down our street. ⁣

It’s truly amazing how quickly something that was once so out of the ordinary can become the new normal. Is this our new normal? Is talking over zoom or through a face mask what this world will now know as normal? ⁣

What does the future hold? How will everyone come out of this? Who really knows, but one thing I can say with certainty is that I never thought I would be talking to a girlfriend about designing a face mask or only seeing the faces of those I love over zoom. ⁣

We have good days and then there are the bad ones as well, full of tears and emotion. A lot has changed and we are still wrapping our mind around what is going on and what is to come but there is one thing I know will never change. ⁣

My future is in the hands of the one who created the world. And will end it with me still in his hands. ⁣

I’m still unsure of so many things. Still trying to process the day I live in. I will still have good days. I still have bad days and probably more yelling and crying. We are still adjusting. But God is still on the thrown and because of that my future is secure. ⁣

So I may get this mask in pink too.⁣

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