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Enjoy The Place You Once Prayed For

⁣⁣My sister-in-law once told me if you place your feet in contact with the earth it can be very therapeutic to your mental health. ⁣

I’m not sure exactly how she said and I am pretty sure I wasn’t supposed to have shoes on, but it was cold, I’m sure you get the point. ⁣

One thing that I do know for sure is; when I go outside and listen to the birds or the ocean it brings into perspective how truly blessed I am. There is so much peace and hope in those quiet moments.⁣

Quiet moments can be hard to come by with four children. Even as I sit down to write this it's extremely loud, with kids running all through my house. There’s truly no sitting down or going outside when my kids are home at least not for this mama. ⁣

If you’re a mama with busy children that do not stop going from one thing to the next and the beach is work rather then relaxing. I see you. ⁣

These days actually getting the time to go outside and hear the quiet is a rare treat. But when I do get that chance I jump on it and take advantage of the quiet and peace. To me this picture is more than just a picture of me planting my feet on the beach looking for my first piece of sea-glass. It’s a time of reflection and peace.⁣

I was only able to plant my feet on the sandy beach because my husband sat in the car with the kids, as I got some quiet time while looking for Seaglass in the ocean breeze. Knowing that my children were in the car complaining that we weren't getting to swim in the ocean and that they were too cramped in the car.⁣

Sometimes we get so caught in the busyness of life always hustling to go to the next step that we don’t realize we prayed for where we are. I had to explain this to my kids as they complained when I got back in the car (which was sitting right next to the ocean.) Telling them that I didn’t get to see the ocean till I was 21, and they now live 5 minutes away from it.⁣

What can you take from this? Look around! Take the little moments that you do have and shift your perspective to realize where you are is part of where you prayed to be. If you’re still in the hard yucky parts of life because (we all go through those) remember that the hard parts are what will produce the growth, you have the strength to get through it. God‘s got you in every season. There’s power in being thankful and keeping your feet planted on the ground. Enjoy those little moments of peace in this hectic world if you can find them. I know they’re there just like the Seaglass that we looked for.⁣

By the way my husband is the one that found the sea glass. It was right by the car. ⁣