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  • Ashley Henriott

All the details don't really matter.

God came to Abraham and gave him a promise for his line to live on. But even after this promise Abraham took many, many things into his own hands, taking numerous detours. Those detours were things like lying about his wife going into Egypt, having sex with his maid to have a son, and even going bankrupt at one point. However, when I was reflecting on Abraham I wasn’t thinking about any of those failures. I was thinking about his great faith. I was thinking about his willingness to sacrifice his son to make things right with God and honor God in what was promised. I heard Pastor Steven Furtick preach on Abraham this morning and it further confirmed what was put on my heart causing me to weep at the goodness of God. When Pastor Steven brought up all those areas where Abraham fell short, he then reminded us that Abraham is not remembered for those but for his faith. You see he was saying that the in-between can get messy and we can make mistakes in the middle but that’s not what we are known for. Praise God! I know I am not the only one with some mess in my middle Abraham still had a will and still had strong faith despite his failures. Would we still look at Abraham the same if the emphasis were on what he did wrong? Probably not, but thankfully God doesn’t define us by our middle and either was Abraham. He is called the Father of Faith and that’s how we look at him now. I am not sure how we would look at him if the emphasis were on a different part of his life. What I am sure of is Jesus! I am sure of the calling he placed on my life. I will strive to honor that in every detail, every word, every action of my life. Our mistakes don't distinguish our faith and will with God. With all that being said I finally have figured out one of the many words God gave me for 2021. HONOR. Honor in my walk, my work, my marriage, my children, my home. Everything I do will do it to honor God. I will honor God and have faith that He will do what He promised. I will be taking a break this week from social media to truly focus on those things. To focus on honor.

My encouragement to you is to focus on the faith that you have in your Lord and let him take care of everything else even if your life seems like it's on a detour.

I won't be totally absent but quite the opposite, I will actually be more present in other aspects of the call God has put on my life. I will be posting some new blogs, podcasts, sending out a newsletter, and working on different content. So, you will be hearing from me but in a different way this week.

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