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  • Ashley Henriott

4 Ways to keep the kids busy at home during virtual learning

If you’re like me then you have been through the emotions 2020 has brought. The ever-changing moods.

Angry, sadness maybe a little crazy let’s laugh at this because nobody knows what the crap is going on! Yeah, friend, you aren’t alone. This has been the year of adjustment, to say the least. I am so grateful for grace. This is something I have personally learned on a whole different level. The ability to give "me" more grace has really freed me and my family to create a routine that leaves plenty of room for adjustments.

We created a schedule that leaves our kids independent, keeps them on routine, and always helping around the house with us not having to repeat ourselves till our hair falls out.

First, create a schedule. Somewhere they can see it. We have a chalkboard in the kitchen we just painted on where the visual is easily readable and cute too!

We have the boys make their beds, also their brothers’ bed. They are not to leave their room till their devotional is read and they are dressed. (You can print any bible verse for free from Pinterest or purchase a children's daily devotional from amazon.) It’s not something too in-depth but helps them create a habit of getting with God first thing they wake up.

Second, give them chores! Your kids can help around the house. Even without an allowance. My personal motto is you live here, you will contribute to this family. You don’t get paid for being responsible, but you can earn money or a reward if you take the incentive to help around the house where something needs to be done.

This could be cleaning the dog poop in the yard or bringing in the trash cans from the road.

The boys have morning chores and afternoon chores. The morning chores they have to do every day while afternoon chores three days a week. We switch and rotate these chores, so they aren’t doing the same thing every day. Our chore list consists of the boys wiping the bathrooms, cleaning toilets, wiping mirrors, and dusting all the rooms. Cleaning their playroom and vacuuming is an everyday occurrence so they understand that needs to be done before bed.

Thirdly create a space where you close the computer, leave the dishes in the sink, don’t answer the phone unless an emergency. Yes, that means all social media. Simply make a time for you to listen and speak to your kids, play a game,

or give them individual attention. This could even be a walk! This isn’t only good for them, it’s good for you too. This helps minimize the mom guilt and gives the kids attention from you.

Fourthly suns out kids out. Create a time in the schedule where they have to do their morning routine, eat breakfast, do their school, lunch, and have outside time.

This is so important.

If your kids don’t nap, then reading time. Send them to their room or a quiet spot around the house and have them read for 30 minutes. This is also a great time afterward to have them start on their afternoon chores. Then afterward it's free time for them and for you. The reading time can be your catch-up time. This can be a time for housework, or simply a cup of coffee and talk with a girlfriend! Routine and schedule are key to keeping your kids busy in a good way, teaching them great habits, and also giving you space, you need to continue to do the things you need to do as well!

Either way, these things I promise they can do independently if you create habits of routine with plenty of adjustment room in between.

For more tips or pictures of what our schedule looks like sign up here! Remember mama your best is enough

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