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If you've known me for any amount of time, you know I LOVE to give things away! Treat yourself to any of the freebies below and I hope it will bring you a little bit closer to owning your confidence, your calling, and your worth!

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a weekly dose of confidence and coffee devotional

grab a cup of coffee with weekly encouragement from ashley to start with Jesus and be more confident!

5 days to a more confident YOU

I believe we're not born with confidence.  Like a muscle, it's something we have to exercise and build every single day.  Join me on a 5-day journey to discover why, how, and what you have to be confident about.


2023 calendar and planner 

Grab your free 2023 calendar + planner jam-packed with bible verses and a checklist for each month so you can fulfill the calling on your life with more clarity and confidence! 


how to find your tribe

Finding a tribe requires effort, authenticity, and confidence. Use these little nuggets of advice to get you started and move forward knowing your tribe is waiting for you.

7 tips to be confident on camera

Whether your jam is TikTok, YouTube, Instagram Reels or even Facebook, video is the main ingredient for success.  Watch this video to learn how to create more authentic and engaging videos every day.


confidence & calling daily planner

This tool helps you build a simple personal routine for living a life of confidence and calling. Write down what matters most, and then put it into action!

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